How it Works

Prestige Services has a variety of features that makes it the best place to start trading your digital assets.

Prestige Services Whatsapp Chat
Initiate a Chat

Click on the “Get Started” or “Trade Now” buttons to initiate a chat via WhatsApp. The process is straight forward and fast.

Prestige Services Trade
Make Trade Request

Make a request on which digital assets you want to buy or sell. Once you do, we will disclose the rate instantly.

Prestige Services Crypto Verify
Admin Verification

For physical Giftcards, send a clear picture for verification. For e-Giftcards and cryptos, we’ll verify the transaction.

Prestige Services Crypto Credit
Admin Credit

Your digital wallet or NUBAN account number is credited once verification is done and marked as successful.

Prestige Services Crypto Success
Make Withdrawal

You can decide to make withdrawals and use your cash anytime. The process is very easy and straight forward.

Our Promise to You

We'll ensure you get an exceptional customer experience with us.

Frequently asked questions

A cryptocurrency wallet address is basically an alternative to your physical wallet but this time around, exists only in a digital form!

This cryptocurrency wallet is not only responsible for the security of your coins, it also includes private and public keys that are essential for carrying out transactions. The wallet will naturally contain information about the availability of the user’s coins.

This is a unique ID number assigned to every transaction committed by users in the blockchain which will be stored in all the subsequent new blocks. With your unique ID (transaction hash), you can view the details of your transaction in the network.

When a transaction is carried out in the blockchain, it becomes irreversible. No one can cancel a transaction, this is why you have to be extremely careful when performing crypto transactions.

A floating rate exchange is a classic cryptocurrency exchange type where the approximate receiving amount is shown at the time of the exchange creation.

There are no restrictions for floating rate exchanges: you can swap any amount of cryptocurrencies without limits of time for sending the deposit.

A fixed rate exchange is that exchange rate that allows you to receive exactly the estimated amount.

There are restrictions for fixed rate exchanges as you are given 20mins to send us a deposit. This is because the coin rates can change at any time which in turn will expose us to huge risks!

Unfortunately, this is not possible. Prestige Swap – our crypto exchange service is only available on our website platform.

Yes, you can! Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency trading as well as gift cards trading is only available on our WhatsApp platform for now.

Yes, Prestige Swap is safe! Your safety is definitely our priority and as a partner to a non-custodial service, your crypto assets aren’t controlled by us. Your funds are not stored and registration isn’t required.

Trading with us doesn’t just give you access to enjoying the best gift card rates in the market, lightning-fast payouts and 24/7 customer support.

When you join the Prestige family, we reward loyal customers with gift hampers, special photo frames on their birthdays, souvenirs and even life goats and chicken every Xmas (end of year) celebration.

The gift card rate depends on the type of gift card. Feel free to check “Our Rates (bitcoin $ gift card)” page at any time for updated rates.

We offer two (2) payment methods for all transactions. You can be paid in Nigerian Naira or Bitcoin.

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