We're a client focused brand aimed at creating value with cryptocurrencies.

That’s why we decided to build a brand to form a community of prestige crypto enthusiasts that believe in this dream. We’re focused on delivering excellent user experience, and ensure you are satisfied with our services. We’re here to make life easier for you.

We’re the best crypto exchange and most reliable gift card trading platform in Nigeria.

We're setting the standard

As a financial services institution that was incorporated with the objective of leveraging blockchain technology using cryptocurrencies for innovative solutions in Africa.

Prestige Services as a digital assets exchange platform boasts as a diversified financial solutions provider with a broad portfolio in:

  1. Buying, selling and swapping of cryptocurrencies
  2. Buying and selling of giftcards
  3. Buying and selling of e-Wallets like Cashapp, Paypal funds, Skrill etc.

With 3+ years of experience in Nigeria and strong partnerships with some of the best Chinese vendors overseas, Prestige Services combines global technologies, best market rates and a premium customer experience to fulfill the ever growing crypto to fiat and giftcards to fiat needs of the Nigerian market.

The brand was incorporated in 2019 and is duly registered by the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria as a Business Name with BN: 3019200

Our plan is to create a community/products that prestige crypto enthusiasts in Nigeria and world at large would love and enjoy using. Prestige Services is accomplishing this by making sure every individual who hasn’t heard about crypto hears and those that have heard get a deeper understanding of it as well as its unlimited present and future benefits.

We will keep striving to help integrate crypto in the best possible way for the everyday needs in our lives.

About Prestige Services

We have our eyes focused on the mission

Our mission is to meet and exceed the expectations of our users by providing the easiest, fastest, most effective and most secure way to receive, send and exchange digital assets as well as pay for items locally or utility bills through cryptocurrency. With products like the below…

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